Mindfulness in Politics – with Jon Kabat-Zin


Please read here my blog on the inspiring meeting I attended at the British Parliament with Dr Jon Kabat-Zin, founder of the acclaimed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program. The meeting was organized by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group. IMG_1162

Discovering Shared Purpose in Life and Business


Workshop at the Inner Peace Conference, Amsterdam, October 6 & 7, 2017.
Sander will guide you in a process of leadership development defined as ’shared purpose’. Through a series of questions, reflections and exercises, you will be guided into a discovery of your deeper motives and aspirations, which will be matched to the context of your work and business. Through this process you can discover your ’trip flow’: how to discover and enhance your own flow, while contributing to a flourishing business and society.Sander-InnerPeaceConf

Discovering the Shared Purpose of Business and Society


Please read my chapter on Shared Purpose of Business and Society in Mobius Strip 2017. I will speak on this at Mobius Next Practice Institute in Boston on June 9, 2017.

Contemplative Science & Management – Budapest

The Business Ethics Center of Corvinus University of Budapest, in partnership with Mind & Life Europe, organized an international transdisciplinary workshop on Contemplative Science and Management on May 19-21, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.  I gave a lecture on how Buddhist principles can help the design and management of sustainable economic systems. Please see my presentation.

My column in Wall Street Journal



Mark Zuckerberg announced that he has taken an interest in the theories and practices of Buddhism. Wall Street Journal asked me to write a column on what the benefits of this could be for his company Facebook and its shareholders.


Bhutan Journey 2017


IMG_1499At a time when we are bombarded by news that dampens our spirits, there are cultures that can re-evoke our sense of hope for a better future. The practices for a more sustainable and compassionate life style are readily available. Join us in our leadership program to secluded Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan and become inspired by Gross National Happiness and their leadership for sustainability. Sign up today! Limited places left.

US Elections – What type of leadership does the world need now?


My blog after the shocking results from the US elections.

Bodhisattva Leadership


Global Focus Magazine published this except from my book with a section on “Bodhisattva Leadership“, a central underlying theme of the book, unifying Buddhist wisdom with modern notions of leadership for business sustainability.

Discovering the Mind in Science


On Sunday October 1 I will speak on “Disovering the mind: a new paradigm for science and society“, as prelude to the new movie The Mindfulness Revolution showed at the International Buddhist Film Festival in the Eye Theater in Amsterdam .

Book launch with the Dalai Lama


At the occasion of the launch of my book, I joined a panel on business leadership with H.H. the Dalai Lama in Brussels, on September 12, 2016. The Dalai Lama told me: “This book is very important. If you conduct human activity, including activities in business, with a motivation of compassion, then you are more likely to experience success, including business success. Compassion makes you stronger, not weaker. This works for you as individual, but also for organizations. Customers will respect you and in the long run reward you for it. Moreover, a compassionate attitude will help you to never have regrets. Even if you make a mistake, if your motivation is compassion, you will have no regret”.


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