Oct 7, 2015

Academy for Contemplative and Ethical Leadership

In August 2015 I participated in the Academy for Contemplative and Ethical Leadership (ACEL) of the Mind and Life Institute in Vermont. In a 6 day interactive program with faculty including Daniel Goleman, Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Daniel Siegel and Diana Chapman, and some 120 participants, we explored emerging approaches in linking the ‘inner science’ domains of contemplation, psychology, and neuroscience, with the ‘outer science’ domains of system thinking, economics, business and social change, in an attempt to create and develop a new field of academic inquiry. As the world of systems is increasingly becoming inadequate in responding to the crisis, there is a stronger need for contemplative leadership aimed at unlocking transformational potential in individuals, organizations and societies. See for example this paper of Otto Scharmer: The Blind Spot of Leadership.


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