November 7, 2019: “Sustainable Leadership – The Power of Shared Purpose”, Purpose Accelerator, PhD Academy THRIVE Institute, Erasmus University.

October 25, 2019: “Mindfulness in Policy Making”, Panel Leader at the Contemplative Science Symposium, Mind & Life Europe, Munich.

October 22-23, 2019: “Cultivating Resilience in Stressful Conditions” together with Dr Dan Siegel. Garrison Institute International, Humanity Hub, The Hague.

June 14, 2019: “The Sustainable Mindset – The role of education in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals”, Windesheim University Honours College.

September 17, 2018: Seminar “Educating Hearts and Minds”, RSM Erasmus University & Mind & Life Europe, Rotterdam

August 20-26, 2018, “Kinship, Conflict & Compassion”, European Summer Research Institute, Mind & Life Europe, Chiemsee, Germany (leading a track on conflict resolution)

June 21, 2018, “Developing Sustainable Economic Systems: A Buddhist Perspective”, University of Hamburg, Germany.

May 14-17, 2018. Executive Breakthrough Program, Egon Zehnder & Mobius Executive Leadership, Ermelo.

July 27-August 2, 2017, “Exploring Experience”, European Summer Research Institute, Mind & Life Europe, Chiemsee, Germany

June 8-9, 2017, “Discovering Shared Purpose Leadership”, key note at Next Practice Institute, Mobius Executive Leadership, Boston

May 19-21, 2017: Key-note on “Buddhist principles to design sustainable economic systems”, at Contemplative Science and Management, Convirnus University in Budapest.

March 2017, 2017: Renewed 4-month Triple Value Leadership’ program. The highlight of the program is a 12-day journey to Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Interested? Contact us at for more information.

January 19, 2017: “The Corporate Mind”. Private Session hosted by Mind & Life Europe, at the World Economic Forum, Davos.

15 October, 2016, “Gross National Happiness: Lessons for designing the Netherlands’ well-being indicators”, Seminar on ‘Brede Welvaart’, The Hague

29 September 2016:  “Discovering the mind: a new paradigm for science and society“, as prelude to the new movie The Mindful Revolution.

9-11 September 2016: Power & Care Conference, Brussels, Belgium

22-28 August 2016: “Understanding Change: Personal, Relational and Societal Perspective”. European Summer Research Institute, Chiemsee, Germany

1 juni 2016: “Caring Economics: Toward a Paradigm of Interconnectedness for Business Leadership”, Lecture at European Business Summit, Brussels

21 mei 2016: The Journey into Systemic Mindfulness, Keynote & workshop at Radboud University’s Symposium on Mindfulness

8 april 2016: The Mindful Leader, keynote and workshop at Mindful Leadership Conference in Toulouse, France

2 april 2016: What does it take? Persoonlijke reflecties over mijn loopbaan, Universiteit van Utrecht

1 april 2016: Collectief Leiderschap voor Innovatie in de Zorg, Workshop Radio Kootwijk

19 november 2015: “Mindfulness als onmisbare tool voor leiderschap”, Congres Vrouwelijk Leiderschap in de Zorg, Zeist

6-12 november 2015: Executive Breakthrough Program, Mobius Leadership & Egon Zehnder, Lisbon

29 oktober 2015: Boeddhisme en Economie, Tarap Instituut, Nijmegen

24 oktober 2015: “Economic Transition – a Buddhist View”, Brainwash Festival, Amsterdam

1 oktober 2015, “Measuring Sustainable Value”, EMAN Conference WBCSD, Geneva

29 september 2015: Flow Impact Fund Dinner, ISVW, Leusden

10 september 2015: Leadership Journeys Introduction and Reunion, Breukelerveen

22-29 augustus 2015: Academy for Contemplative and Ethical Leadership, Mind & Life Institute, Vermont

3-6 june 2015: “Mindfulness for Top Performance and Resilience – Lessons for Coaches”, World Football Academy, Barcelona

16 april 2015: The Future of Finance, Financial Student Association, UvA, Amsterdam

14 april 2015: Education of the Heart, Avans Hogeschool, Den Bosch

25 maart 2015: Mindfulness & Omgaan met Tegenslag, World Football Academy, Amsterdam

3 maart 2015: Empowered Leadership for Sustainable Performance, WUR Wageningen

28 januari 2015, Shared Value Leadership in Business, DRIFT, Erasmus University Rotterdam

22 januari 2015: Collectief Leiderschap voor Innovatie in de Zorg, Pallas Leergemeenschap, Zeist