Jun 21, 2014

Education of the Heart symposium

The Education of the Heart Symposium, held at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam at May 12, 2014, and co-organized by Flow Foundation,was a great success. A sold-out crowd of 600 leaders from the education sector, including some 60 children, spent a day in intense dialogue with international thought- and practice leaders such as Dan Siegel, Ian Gilbert, Richard Gerver, Rob van Tulder, Gert Biesta, Geert ten Dam, Luc Stevens, and – special guest of honour – H.H. the Dalai Lama, See for impressions the Education of the Heart website and the newsletter of co-hosts Erasmus University and Garrison Institute.HHDL ontvangst_Erasmus

The symposium speaks to the quiet revolution taking place in education: the rediscovery of the heart. Rational thinking alone cannot create the skills that we need to become healthy, happy and productive human beings. Life- and career skills originate from our emotional/social brain, which is neurally connected to the area of the heart – not just metaphorically but plain physically. When the heart is closed, the brain works only partially – again in physical terms, as neuroscience has confirmed. Our world needs people with fully-functioning brains. Such brain requires an open heart.podium3-DL-Lubbers-ST


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