Nov 25, 2015

Mind & Life Europe

I am very pleased to share the announcement on my appointment of new Managing Director of Mind & Life Europe, as of January 2016. Mind & Life Institute was founded in 1989 by neuroscientist Francesco Varela, businessman Adam Engle and H.H. the Dalai Lama, with the aim of facilitating the dialogue between modern scientists and practitioners of Buddhism and other ancient contemplative traditions. This has produced a series of groundbreaking meetings, insights and publications, most prominently in the field of neuro-science and psychology. The exchange has spanned into many scientific fields: quantum- and astro physics, medicine, biology, economics, sociology  and environmental studies. Taken together, the emerging insights point to a new scientific paradigm in which the mind and its transformational power for positive change are the gateway to achieving personal, inter-personal, organizational and societal well-being. Truly amazing! Imagine my joy to support Mind & Life Europe in its next stage of evolution.


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