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Create sustainable high-performance leaders, teams and organizations

‘flow’ for people, business and society

Sander is founder of Triple Value Leadership, an Academy for Sustainable Change and Impact Leadership.

In the complex and volatile world of today, the task of leaders is to deliver tangible business results while at the same time  serve the needs of their people and the environment they operate in. These objectives should not be contradictory: without the second objective the first cannot be achieved on an ongoing basis. Sole focus on the first objective over time erodes resilience of people, teams and communities. 

Moreover, it is evident that organizations today will need to create sustainable value and well-being for all its stakeholders, internal and external, on a win-win basis, without destroying the societal and ecological foundation on which they depend. 

Thus, leadership needs to be driven by a vision that allows people to unleash their full potential, while building internal and external relationships on trust and integrity that foster organisational, societal and ecological resilience. The result will be ‘flow’ for people, business and society – or “Triple Value”. Thanks to ongoing research with colleagues at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, I have developed science-tested methodology for developing human and organizational potential, which I describe as Triple Value Leadership – laid down in my latest book.

With these methodologies, I offer the following services:

  • Executive Coaching (unleashing professional flow for business breakthroughs)
  • Purpose Quest Leadership Intensive (two-day deep immersion in nature)
  • Sustainable Leadership Intensive (three-day deep immersion to develop your sustainability potential)
  • Building High Performance Sustainable Teams – HPST (unleashing team flow)
  • Building Triple Flow Organizations (combining strategy, leadership and innovation)
  • Leadership Journeys (locations include Bhutan, Tibet, Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands.