Dec 27, 2013

Research on Leadership for Sustainability

Looking back at 2013, among the highlights was the publication of two academic papers, Empowered Leadership and Sustainable Leadership. The second was published in the prestigious Journal for Corporate Citizenship. The articles cover the first part of the research I started in 2010 at Nyenrode Business University with SEAL Institute (renamed as Flow Foundation in 2014) looking into possible elements of the type of leadership that is needed for creating sustainable companies. While this paper presents a first theoretical model for Sustainable Leadership, this model has meanwhile been tested in a number of organizations, profit and for profit, with very encouraging results. Companies will transform into a sustainable direction if the leadership develops the right mindsets, capabilities, strategy and measurement indicators. This is very hopeful! These results form the basis of a next stage in the research conducted in cooperation with Prof Dr Rob van Tulder of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, looking into the sustainable leadership dimension of 20 leading companies in the Netherlands. We are also developing concepts, models and tools for immediate application by the leadership of organizations committed to sustainability. We will call this the Theory of Triple Flow. I will keep you posted!


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