Sep 25, 2011

The Blueprint of Success

On Sept 29, along with  Ruud Lubbers (former Dutch PM), Yves Leterme (Belgian PM), Ad Melkert (UN Envoy Iraq), Marijn Dekkers (CEO Bayer), Atzo Nicolai (CEO DSM Nederland), I was a speaker at the conference of Asset, the Faculty Association of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management. The theme was The Blueprint of Success; unraveling the secret. 

Central question was “What is the key to success?” looking at an individual, business and (inter)national level of success. Does a connection between the different stages of success exist? Can successful individuals build up an successful company? And, is a successful country able to generate successful citizens? In addition, is there a downside to success, can one only be successful at the expense of somebody else?  My contribution was to point out that no-one person or business can be truly successful in a society or ecosystem that fails. Thus, in order to achieve success, future leaders need to walk a path that contains at least some degree of contributing to society and redesigning systems that fail. I pointed to principles of nature (such as resilience) and the mind (well-being and meaning) for guidance on this path. 



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